Saturday, September 2, 2017

Life update

Hi guys long time no see so I have been gone for a really long time but I have done a lot
First I got a new job working at a flower shop as a floral designer! !

Second we moved I will like my YouTube channel where there is a video on our new place

And third me changed the kids school lol

All in one month lol crazy right well all but the new job lol

Thus post is really to just update you on life and to show off a few arrangements I have done 😎

I hope to get more Posts up and if you r in the Fraser valley come by the shop
That flower shop on vedder look me up guys

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Loreal Paris influenster voxbox !

Hey guys long time no type ?? Lol anyway .....
Influenster sent me for review an amazing box and I was super excited to review it I got the Loriell Paris hydra total five box it came with a scrub a toner a daytime moisturizer and A a.m. p.m. moisturizer

The scrub.

OK the scrub it says it cleanses, Exfoliate, even skin tone, illuminates and smooths. It is for normal skin but I think it could work for any skin tone the beads are super small and are not superabrasive they work amazing for exfoliating your skin but it's not too harsh it smells amazing very fresh/fruity !

The toner. 

The toner says it tones, renews in purities, even skin tone, illuminates and smooths also for normal skin I love the fresh scent of this toner feels awesome on the skin doesn't make your skin feel tight doesn't make it sticky is just a perfect toner ! 

The daytime moisturizer.

The daytime moisturizer says it moisturizes, even skintone, protects, illuminates and smooths the skin it is oil free and for normal skin tone it has an SPF of 20 and it is a white cream comes with a pump so super handy it has a fresh scent nothing too strong and it absorbed into the skin very fast ! 

The A.m./p.m. moisturizer.

Moisturizer says it moisturizes ,reduces dark spots ,even skin tone, illuminates and smooths the skin also for normal skin
It comes in a nice glass jar the cream is not super thick but feels very moisturizing has a very white tint on your skin smells very light and fresh and absorbs quickly into the skin I find it is very similar to their daytime moisturizer just without the SPF and no pump 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My ipsy bag ??

So I had big plans this year to do ipsy bag un-bagging every month and reviews the month before during the un-bagging !! 
Ok so what did I get .... Well I have no idea ! 
My bag was stolen out of my mail box in the model of the day ! 
As you could imagine I was so angry we were home most of the day we must have just missed the mail man 😭
But there is a good ending to the story guys !! 
I contacted ipsy and they shipped me out a new bag I can not wait to see what I got and when I do I will do a post and a video ! 

Anyway guys if you have had a problem like this before let me know down believe  what happened to you 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Welcome to 2016 on my blog

Hi guys so I want to welcome you all to 2016 here on my blog I have some goals for mysel this year I want to post here on my blog a lot more this year I was not very consistent with it and I want to do more so here are my goals 

Ok so first off I want to post reviews forsure ! 
Things like ... 
Hair care ,
Skincare ,
And more 
I also want to do more surrounding my family on here 
Like birthday posts 
Toy reviews 
Mommy tips 
And more 
And I want to post more YouTube stuff on here a little
Like .... 
More info on hauls
My thoughts on produts if thy have changed 
And some diys 
Maybe some food stuff 
And maybe just maybe some wieght loss stuff 
Anyway think you for sticking around and I hope you will injoy all that is to come !! 

Lastly my posting goal for my blog is at least twice a month ! 
We'll talk to you soon 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

I won a giveaway !!!

I was so excited to find out I won a giveaway from Kelly mckelly she is amazing ! 
The stuff I won I can not wait to try and do demos on a few 
Here r the pictures of the stuff 

I can't wait to play with all these goodies thank you again jelly mckelly for the giveaway 💕

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Loreal fiberolagy from influenster

I got sent loreal shampoo conditioner and thicking serum for review from influenster and to be totally honest I did not have high hopes and this is why 

I was born with very fine (like newborn fine ) hair and to top it off it is super thin like you can see my scalp lol 
So you could imagine I really don't think anything can fix it 

But ... The loreal fiberolagy set did not change my hair from thin and fine to full and thick 
But what it did do was make my hair feel a little thinner and give my hair the appearance of fuller hair  and that was after one use ! 

So now that I have used it a few times I feel like it is giving my hair a little va va voom it never had before ! 

Here are some photo of what the box influenster sent to me looked like 

So long story short I really like this set and I would recommend it ! And I will buy it again myself ! ❤️❤️ 
Anyway don't forget to look for my u bovine and review on this set on my YouTube channel 
Mommysangeleyes6 :

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Hi guys how r u all today ? 
I love the things kids say randomly that is the reason I did this video with my baby girl bella 😄 she love youtube like her mom lol so she was super excited to film this with me if you want to see my little princes say some super cute things !